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Bachelor of Theology Degree Program

Possible Study Concentrations


Those students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Theology degree are free to take whatever courses meet their need, as long as at least one course is taken from each Division. However, some students and schools may want more coaching as they proceed. Course Schedules are provided as suggestions and do not constitute prescribed degree programs. The following Degree Concentrations are suggested for:  


  • First Year

  • Second Year

  • Third Year

  • Fourth Year

  • Biblical Theology Concentration

  • Christian Counseling Concentration

  • Historical Theology Concentration

  • New Testament Concentration

  • Old Testament Concentration

  • Practical Theology Concentration

  • Men’s Ministry Concentration

  • Christian Worldview Concentration

  • Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Concentration

  • Leadership Concentration

  • Marriage & Family Concentration

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