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Our Certificate Program bundles courses into specialized areas of ministry. This enables students and/or schools to focus their studies, thereby receiving specialized training and equipping for practical ministry. Certificates of Ministry are earned by successfully completing the five courses listed within each particular area of study.

Note:  Not all text books are included with courses.

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  • Students may take as many certificate tracks during their course of study as desired to equip themselves with specialized training for practical ministry. Courses do not have to be completed in the order listed.

  • Courses taken toward the completion of a certificate will also apply toward earning a degree. Successful completion of a second certificate will also qualify a student to apply for the first-year Diploma of Theology, etc. 

  • For selected courses in the Certificate Program to qualify toward the appropriate certificate, each student must attend all classes, hear all lectures, read the textbook, and successfully complete the examination. He or she must receive a passing grade on each course and maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. 

  • Upon completion of the five courses in a certificate program, a Certificate Application Form must be submitted for each student who has completed the required courses. Please follow the instructions provided on the form. Submit one form for each certificate/degree requested to the Holy Tabernacle International Bible College Office.

General Guidelines

 The Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College office will follow these general guidelines in awarding completion units for prior learning:

  • Individuals must be active students before requesting an evaluation of work for which they hope to receive recognition.

  • Units awarded are officially applied to a student’s transcript only upon completion of the Residency Requirement of five courses (15 units) and payment of applicable fees.

  • Students are responsible to gather all transcripts, resumes, certificates, diplomas, etc., for submission to the Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College Office. Students will submit their documents through their school Dean.

  • Students may request an additional Evaluation of Prior Learning before beginning a new degree program. 



Time Limitations

Students have 14 days to complete the exam after the completion of the class. For emergency situations only, students may apply for an extension through the Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College Office. An extension may be granted with an approved Extension Request and the payment of a fee. A fee will also be charged for late exams when an extension has not been granted. 

Make-Up Examinations

 Any student who previously took a course receiving a grade of “D” or “F” and wants to take the examination again to improve a grade should request a “Make-up Examination.” The lower of the two grades will be removed from the record. 


This exam can be ordered through the Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College Office.  There will be a fee which must be pre-paid. The student will receive a link to the online exam. The score sheet will be graded, the grade will be posted to the student’s official record, and a grade report will be sent to the student.


Student Grades


A Grade Report for each student will be provided. Examinations will be on the online training platform and you will receive immediate test results, including feedback and the correct answers. Students are responsible to make sure that they submit a copy of their grade to the Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College and follow-up with the Dean.


Grading Scale

Letter grades as well as numerical grades are issued to students completing course requirements and are reflected on grade reports issued by the Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College Office. Letter grades only are posted to official records. Letter grades are used to compute grade point averages. Grades and grade points are based on the following official grading scale. 














Grade Point Average


 A specific grade point average (GPA) must be maintained to earn a degree from Holy Tabernacle Church International Bible College. Grade point averages are computed by adding the grade points for each grade and dividing the result by the total number of courses taken. 

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